Preparing for the worst is always good!

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why do should we wear protective gearing when we ride a motorcycle? because it save your life!

Some might think riding a motorcycle is cool and wearing jeans and tshirt is cool? 

This is one of the reason why people wear protective gearing because of road rash, road rash are cause when one who are riding a motorcycle with no gear for example a t-shirt and jeans (regular street clothing). Street clothing does not hold up well when crashing. 

According to JAFRUM “Motorcyclists rarely come out on top when in a collision with a automobile so it’s essential that you protect yourself by using motorcycle protective gear whenever you ride.
Just stop and think for a minute what it would feel like to slide across a roadway at 55 MPH without adequate protection for your head and body. Not good. ”

Riding with gearing is always good, unless you want to have road rash or don’t want others to recognized who you are then don’t wear gear! but other wised wear all gearing as much as possible.

According to Madmoto said Many bikers believe if they ride safely, and don’t speed, they will be fine. The European Constructors Association (ACEM) have spent a long time researching motorcycle accidents in Europe, and they have issued a very detailed report on accidents involving motorcycles. The majority of accidents happened at relatively low speeds, typically lower than 30 mph.

As the study have showed the there are more injuries on the leg/foot area because people do not think that that is the most important area, 20% injuries are on the upper trunk, 22% are head/neck injuries. According to JAFRUM, when buying a motorcycle helmet “you have alot of choices in style and price, just make sure the helmet you choose has DOT certification, This mean your helmet has passed strict safety test, you also want to make srue you the the right fit. You want your helmet to be snug on your head, it should’nt slide back and forth. you also don’t want it to be too tight or have uncomfortable pressure points.”

Motorcycle Jacket and Long pants, during the summer it is hot and uncomfortable when wearing long sleeves and leather pants but would you rather bleed or sweat? WEAR ALL LONG SLEEVES and ALL GEARING AS POSSIBLE! A thick textile motorcycle jacket or leather motorcycle jacket are the best when you hit the pavement!

Gloves are the most important gear! Your hands are the first to hit the ground when you crash! According to study Leather gloves with protective knuckles is the best choice.

Boots is anther important gear that can help prevent injuries when crashing. wear something that cover all the way up pass the ankle.

Most of all people! ride safe out there wear all protective gear! WOULD YOU RATHER BLEED OR SWEAT? you decide!!!


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